Holla-Day Party!

DJ Johnny Moon was playing the jams!

Blogger Rebekah Gullo taking a peek at Chris Rann's jewelry line

Mohsin and Azim from Benji Frank Eyewear!

Left to Right: Lindsay from Trial by Sapphire and Meg O. from O is Me

Left to right: Megan from Greetings from Texas, Jessica from VintageVirgin

Left to Right: Santa Claus and Selena from The Heights Life

Oh la la.

Jen Moulton, designer/owner of JennieClaire JewelryThis necklace was the top seller of the night!

Left to right: Santa Claus and Blogger Haley Schrauben of Style Sound

Left to Right: Brandi Lisenbe and Christina from Sunchild

Right: Julianne Agno from Francesca's Collections Left: Blogger Anna Patronella donning a Francesca's Collections dress. Oh - the irony!!!

Want more dish about the party? These girls got it. Enjoy!
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  • Megan from Live Strange (read her post here)

P.S. Thank you to Star Pizza (yum!) and Dripping Springs Vodka (double yum!) for sponsoring the party. And of course thank you to  Brandi Lisenbe, owner of Do or Dye TX, for having us.

FAQ's for the Holiday Party

What should I wear?
Something that embodies "Holiday Glam" which just means something festive, fancy, and fun! Smilebooth is coming (eek!!) so rest assured your pic is going to be on the world wide web.

I bought my ticket but now I can't go. Is it refundable?
No, sorry! That said, you're welcome to sell it another blogger. Just make sure to email Megan about the swap so she can make the appropriate change on the guest list. 

Is there anything particular I should bring with me to the party?
  • Cash - Drinks are free (thanks Dripping Springs!) as is getting your "hair did" at the braid bar, but you'll want it for tipping..
  • More Cash - Jennie Claire and Chris Rann will be selling their amazing jewelry. Shoppity Shoppity! 
  • Buisness Cards for your blog - Get your network on and stay in touch with your new friends!
  • Your camera! (Obvi!)

Anything I should leave at home?
  • Weapons of any kind.
  • Friends & Boyfriends that don't have a ticket.  
  • Illegal Drugs.
  • Your inhibitions. We're gonna dance to this song and it's gonna be awesome.

What's the deal with parking at Do or Dye TX?
Do or Dye TX is on the top floor of a very small shopping center on Washington Avenue. You can park in the parking lot but if you plan to have a cocktail or two, make arrangements to get dropped off and picked up.

The invitation mentions a surprise guest will be in attendance. Can you tell me who this will be?
Absolutely not. I can, however, tell you who it won't be. It won't be the Houston Mayor. Or John Mayer. Other people that won't be attending? Jessica Simpson, Homer Simpson, and of course OJ Simpson, which I think we can all agree is for the best.

Have a question I didn't address? Email it here with "Question" in the subject line and I'll add it to this list!